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Descriptions and Costs Below:
Charleston Pole Dancing Classes are the Most Requested Dances for
Bachelorette Parties and Girls Night Out throughout South Carolina

Charleston's Original and Most Requested Dance Lesson That Makes for a Wild Bachelorette or Girls Night Out Party: If you want the bride to be ready for her honeymoon this is the class!!!
No dance experience needed: This is a chair and pole dancing class with over 28 striptease techniques. This class is about how to do a striptease performance for your man. Your party will learn: The stage call (how to take it off, don't worry no one takes any clothing off at all!), a chair dance, a sexy floor routine and fun ways to do body shots. 
Pole Dancing: Plus your party will learn over 15 pole dance moves: Basic Level 101 and 201:  The sexy walk, pole slides, pole overs, floor routine, basic turns and basic spins
The Playlist: Your party will learn all the moves to the latest and classic hip hop and R&B music.

An unforgettable dance routine. (women only, there is no nudity )
Dance Lesson time runs 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Cost is per person:
6 to 8 ladies $35. each,  9 to 11 ladies $30. each,  12 to 14 ladies $25. each,  15 to 17 ladies $20. each,
18 to 28 ladies $15. each and 29+ Unlimited ladies only $10. each.  We do smaller parties for 5 or less!!!

What to wear? Your group can pretty much wear what they want. Clothing that is flexible.
You can wear long or short parts, t-shirts, sandals, barefoot or high heels.
 If you wear dresses, please wear shorts underneath. Most girls wear spandex pants and t-shirts.
 Clothing has to be flexible, The movement and the energy level is equal to a Yoga/Pilates class.

There is a ladies restroom and vanity at the dance studio and it is large enough to change in.

he Private Studio Location: Club NV Downtown Charleston.
Note: Club NV is upstairs in the roof top lounge.
There are up to five professional poles at Club NV.
Your party gets the private VIP dance space and lounge for 1.5 hours up to 35 ladies

Address: Henry's/Club NV 54/ 48 N. Market Street Charleston, SC 29401
Henry's/Club NV is in the historic Market Street district and is a very popular tourist destination:                                                   Mad River, Market Street Saloon, Horse Drawn Carriages, Rickshaws, Public Market, Ghost Tours and Souvenir Shops.

Ordering Food and Drinks: Credit and Debit Cards Accepted:
Henry's: 843.723.4363 A full service bar and restaurant.
Make the occasion even more festive by having appetizers and drinks during your Lap and Pole Party.
Tipping Wait Staff: 15% - 20% of the total bill before taxes (Note: some restaurants
now suggest tipping after taxes because servers thenselves tip out on the after tax amount).
Sometimes wait staff will include the tip to your food or drink bill if there are 6 or more ladies.

Parties With Out Poles: Learn all the sexy stuff: striptease stage call, a very exotic chair dance, a sexy floor routine and save money!
Cost is per person: 6 to 8 ladies $30. each,  9 to 11 ladies $25. each, 12 to 14 ladies $20. each, 15 to 28 ladies $15. each,
 29+ Unlimited ladies only $10. each.  We do smaller parties for 5 or less!!

At Home Parties! On-Location: At no extra charge with in the Charleston Metro.
We Teach Pole Dancing/Lap Dancing and Belly Dancing at Rented beach houses, homes, condos, or resorts/hotels.

We Provide: Lap dance chairs, two professional poles, block rocker stereo and Hip Hop/R&B play list.
Note: Ceiling/beam needs to be 7.5 to 9 feet high for poles to tension mount correctly. Weight limit on poles is 240 pounds.
A small travel fee applies if location outside the Downtown Charleston metro.
We can bring up to 5 Professional Poles to your event.
Each Additional Pole is $25.

Thank you,
Charleston Pole Party!!

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