Charleston Pole Dancing, Lap Dancing Lessons, Classes, Parties
Makes For A Wild Bachelorette or Birthday Party. Locations: Downtown Charleston, Mt. Pleasant or At Your Home

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Descriptions and Costs Below:
Charleston Pole Dancing Classes are the Most Requested Dances for Bachelorette & Birthday Parties in Downtown Charleston. The #1 Bachelorette Party since 2007!
Chair & Pole Parties in the beautiful historic/tourist district of Downtown Charleston, SC
There is a Bar/Restaurant at the party/event locations. Your group can order drinks, food/appetizers to bring up to the private event chair/pole dance space.
A Fun Lighthearted Activity For Bachelorette & Birthday Celebrations!
If you want the bride to be ready for her honeymoon- this is the class. The ladies have a blast learning all the techniques!
No dance experience needed: Three activities for your celebration party: The Lap Dance Routine, Striptease Tube Shot Girl Routines & Pole Dancing! Learn Basic Pole slides, turns, spins to fun hip hop music. An unforgettable dance routine. (women only, no nudity) Dance Lesson time: 1hr to 1hr 15 mins depending on # of ladies in your group.
Your instructor combines the perfect balance of your party celebrating your event & teaching the techniques.

Cost is per person: 5 ladies $40. ea., 6 to 8 ladies $35. ea., 9 to 11 ladies $30. ea., 12 to 14 ladies $25. ea., 15+ ladies $20. ea. For smaller parties 3 or 4 ladies, call for rate. There are no other fees than stated here.

Text us at: 843-276-2371 We are available to answer your questions Sunday through Friday 9am to 10pm.

What to wear? Clothing that is flexible. Most wear spandex pants & t-shirts. If you wear dresses, wear shorts underneath. The movement & energy level is equal to a Yoga class. Sneakers, socks are ok, best no bare feet. Most Groups wear spandex & the team bride shirts.
Everything But The Pole: Don't Want Poles? But want a Super Fun but Practical Dance Class? Have a blast with your friends learning all the fun sexy stuff: Stagecall, VIP Lap/Chair Dance Routine & striptease tube shot girl routines! How about adding a belly dance lesson to the mix!

Private Home Parties: Bachelorette Chair & Pole Party at your Airbnb or Beach House! Affordable Add $5. per person. We travel Folly Beach, Isle of Palms & North Charleston!
We bring instruction, 1 pole, props, amp & playlist. Ceiling height needs to be less than 9ft for professional pole to install correctly. If ceiling or beam is to 9.5 feet then only basic moves can be done.

Thank you!
Charleston Pole Party❤

Special note: We also play creative commons music: Royalty free.

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