Pole Dancing Classes Charleston
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Parties: Belly Dancing, Line Dancing
or Hip Hop Dance lessons. Fun & Festive while Celebrating a Special Event.

Egyptian Style Belly Dancing for Parties: We Bring Coined Hipped Scarfs, Dancing Veils & Music.

There are several wonderful dance instructors at Elite Dance Studio: Belly Dancing, Hip Hop, Old Fashion "The Charleston, The Shag, Swing, Jitterbug, Ask us we might have what you want!  Call or text us Today: 843-276-2371.
A One Hour Private Belly Dancing lesson for Your Celebration: Cost is per person: 6 to 8 ladies $25. ea., 9 to 11 ladies $20. ea., 12+ ladies $15. Coined Hip Scarves, Veils & Music is brought by instructor.
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