Pole Dancing Classes Charleston SC
    Pole Dancing / Lap Dancing / Belly Dancing for your Event.
                           No Dance Experience needed

For Private Home Parties: We Travel Throughout South Carolina

                 FAQ's, Studio Locations and Map Below:

Charleston Pole Dancing Lessons 
Pole  Dancing Classes/ Lap Dancing / Wall and Floor Moves/ Belly Dancing Classes

Is there a weight limit?: The Professional Poles  have a weight limit of 240 lbs. The pole moves are organized so everyone can have fun and feel safe doing basic turns, slides, turns and spins in an organized routine. Those who are new to pole dancing will be shown basic and easy techniques.

What to wear?: This dance lesson requires you to be flexible so wear comfortable clothing, no jeans. Long pants are ok. If ladies are wearing dresses or skirts, wear shorts underneath. This class is equal to the movement of a Yoga/Pilate's class.

Can We Bring Our Own Drinks and Food? At the Downtown location your party can purchase food or drinks. The Mt. Pleasant Location your party can bring your own.

Is there an age limit? Due to the exotic nature of the dance techniques, participants must be over 17 years of age.

Is There a Deposit? Yes, a small deposit is needed to lock in your parties time and day.

Call: 843-216-6393 with any questions you have.
Studio Locations:
1.The Number One Location: Downtown Charleston
in the Heart of the Tourist District:
St. Charleston, SC 29401.
There is a full service bar
Your party can order drinks and appetizers.

2. The Mt. Pleasant, SC Location:
 Free parking and BYOB to this location.

Lap/Chair Dancing Parties, Belly Dancing ,
Line Dancing or Hip Hop Parties at this studio.
There are No Poles at this Mt. Pleasant Studio

3. Private Home Parties at Beach House, Resort or Condos: We Bring Poles, Lap Dance Chairs, AMP and Sexy Hip Hop Play List.
  A Small Travel Fee Applys:
Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, North Charleston Locations.

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